Daily Archives: March 30, 2009

Senators Urge Obama to Fire NASA Toxic Boss

Three US senators have asked President Obama to fire Robert Cobb, the NASA inspector general, for creating an abusive work environment.  An independent investigation found that Cobb “not only created a hostile work environment and mistreated subordinates, but also compromised numerous investigations due to ties to agency leadership.”


Complaints to the congressional committee that monitors NASA date back to January 2007.  In one letter, the committee’s chairman wrote that Cobb repeatedly cursed at employees and that he called his special agents “knuckle draggers.”  

Not surprisingly, a GAO “report last year found that the attrition rate of employees in Cobb’s office between 2003 and 2007 rose to almost 20 percent from 12 percent. The departures included nine of the 10 most senior audit managers.”

Cobb denied swearing at his employees and said that he is “passionate when people are insubordinate to my face.”

Source: Houston Chronicle