Using Twitter to Take Revenge on a Bad Boss

Apparently John Soden III, a managing director at investment bank Thomas Wiesel Partners, didn’t like the idea of some of his employees taking time off for the Good Friday holiday, so he fired off an email to his team ordering the ones who are not “orthodox something” back into the office and suggested that the absent associates who want time off on bank holidays become tellers at Wells Fargo.

Apparently one of Soden’s employees felt that this obnoxious email was the last straw and decided to take revenge.  A copy of Soden’s email made its way to the media and a fake Twitter account in his name was opened with humorous tweets poking fun at him.  The Fake John Soden Twitter Bio reads “Bringing my A game 8 days a week. Expect nothing less from those around me. I deliver results. I rock.”

John Soden III Fake Twitter Account

I suppose Soden will think twice about shooting off these types of emails in the future.


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