Types of bad bosses

Psychologists Robert and Joyce Hogan estimate that 60-75% of all managers in the US are incompetent.  Professor Ronald Riggio has put together a list categorizing the main types of bad bosses

  • Laissez faire bosses: These types of managers are unable or unwilling to make decisions on their own, and their subordinates have no choice but to step up and make the decisions themselves.
  • Incompetent bosses: The problem with these bosses is that the decisions they make are mostly poor and harmful to the company.  These managers do not know how to manage, lead, or motivate their employees.
  • Toxic bosses: Unfortunately, most of us have worked for a boss who bullies their employees and creates a hostile work environment. 

Have any of you worked for bad bosses who fall under a different category than the ones mentioned here?


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