Generous boss shares $500K bonus with employees

At a time when bonuses have become a relic of the past, the employees at Bollinger Insurance were surprised with a $1,000 check paid by company CEO, Jack Windolf. 

Last year, as part of the sale of 51% of the company, Windolf received $500,000 in deferred compensation, and he decided to share it with all 454 of his employees. 

Employees said that this type of generosity is not uncommon for Windolf, who is known for giving out regular holiday bonuses and for treating his employees with kindness and respect. 

Windolf believes that treating employees well is not only the right thing to do, but is also good business practice.  He said, “You have to share with your employees and that’s all we’re doing. It’s not really a gift, it’s an investment.”


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