Daily Archives: May 12, 2009

Woman Wins $6 Million from Hyundai in Hostile Workplace Suit

A woman who previously worked for Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama was awarded $6 million in a sexual harassment lawsuit.

According to the lawsuit, Hyundai supervisor, Mike Swindle, harassed Tammy Edwards in 2006, making both inappropriate contact and comments to Edwards.

Edwards reported her Swindle’s toxic behavior to other supervisors, who either ignored her complaints or harassed her themselves. 

After reporting this situation to Hyundai’s HR department, she was transferred from her computer position to a job on the assembly line, where she ended up taking medical leave and later leaving the company.

A number of other harassment complaints filed by other employees were dropped after Edwards was transferred to the assembly line, and Hyundai did not make any efforts to improve the hostile work environment or to reprimand Swindle or any of the other toxic bosses.


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