College President Jill Landesberg-Boyle allegedly created a hostile work environment

Numerous college administrators and faculty members complained to the Florida Keys Community College Board of Trustees that college President Jill Landesberg-Boyle has created a hostile work environment.

The allegations of workplace bullying arose at a Board of Trustees meeting that was investgating an overstating of the full time enrollment figures that the enrollment director had previously submitted.

Plans are being made for a meeting later this month for employees to publicly air their grievances in front of the board.

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7 responses to “College President Jill Landesberg-Boyle allegedly created a hostile work environment

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  2. The president had received a strong vote of confidence by 80% of the faculty and every single department head wrote a letter supporting the president. The president had been harassed by a small group of long-time employees who were not willing to work on behalf of the college. Please get check out stories before you publish them. IF anyone experienced a toxic workplace, it was the president herself. I urge you to contact the faculty at the college to see how poorly Dr. Boyle was treated from the minute she arrived at the college.

  3. I definitely agree, Bill. Many of the faculty members did not care that the college was in serious trouble before Dr. Boyle came aboard. Her plans to improve the college were exactly what was necessary to fix a broken system. It’s unfortunate that some people did not want change, and would have rather seen the institution fail.

  4. I also agree, it’s unfathomable for me to think she is listed as one of the 25 worst bosses in 2009. This is truly rediculous. The Board of Trustee meetings were always FULL of her supporters.

  5. Truth is truth, Dr. Boyle was the victim of the evil forces current still working (Including teaching) in the college. To those who has lack of credetbility or ability to performing quality teaching to educate the students that seeking the higher education in FKCC. The new President should take a serious look the fact and on those “Faculty’s qualifactions”. also investigate those employrees constantly deface the Dr. Boyle and continueous shameless actions that could also caused the FKCC become the victim as result of those evil forces’ behavior. Those persons try to prevent the college to grow to become a realy functional credited institution, should be shame of themself. And also to those “Faculty member” constant tell the students that FKCC noting but a Vocational Trade Shcool should also be shamed of themself and leave the “College”.

  6. HELLO. Apparently you cite your source as the Miami Herald. Keep in mind that that source is a direct feed from the local paper which has had it “in” for Dr. Jill Boyle since day one. Clearly you’ve been duped. The Hearld hasn’t checked its source, it’s just a direct syndicated feed. I’m not sure where you’ve been but just because it’s in the “paper” doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s fact. Apparently, in your world, if it’s in the paper, it’s true. Now I know where you are coming from!!! For the record, Dr. Boyle is the opposite of what you portray, however, if a few people with negative feelings are vocal, their perspective on this is paramount. She was a tough boss, yes! The worst boss, no. Sometimes bosses ask their employees to do things. She did on numerous occasions and too often, the response was “I can’t” or “it can’t be done”. God forbid, the poor employees would then counter “She yelled at me.” No need to check with anybody else to arrive at your rating, just elicit the responses from those who didn’t produce or didn’t like her.

    Do you have any openings? It sounds like your place is an easy one to work for.

  7. I worked with Jill at a previous institution. I found her to be a boss with a vision for the future which is sorely needed with the state of higher education and the economy these days. Unfortunately, it seems to me from reading about the situation at FKCC that these employees were unwilling to change. Can Jill make you work hard … yes, but certainly not as hard as she works. I notice that no one mentions her work ethics or the 20-hour days that she put into her own position. Because she has high expectations for herself, she also has high expectations for those who work for her. But along with this she also rewards the hard work. I always found her fair: quick to demand the best from you, but also quick to forgive you if you missed the mark. Demanding that employees actually do what they are paid for, which is to help students, is not a “toxic boss” and I believe that these disgruntled employees need to re-evaluate whether they really are in the right career.

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