How to Stop a Bully Boss

Executive coach and author Peggy Klaus lists 8 helpful tips for stopping a bully boss:

1. Identify the workplace jerk.  Not all demanding managers behave like bullies.
2. Don’t report a bully boss to their supervisor.  Most managers are aware of the abusive behavior of their subordinates, and Klas explains that this is usually the quickest way to get yourself fired.
3. Confront your bully boss, in a calm and professional manner, as soon as you recognize a pattern of hostility.  Explain that you will not tolerate abusive behavior. 

Click here to read more about the other five strategies for dealing with a bully boss.


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One response to “How to Stop a Bully Boss

  1. Well, approaching the Manager,GM or otherwise, is the most logical thing to do. However, what is one to do, when the has clearly stated, before the need to approach them arises, that they can do whatever they want? The General Manager appears to have the owner of the company, pardon the expression, by the balls. We no longer have a Human Resource Dept., and presently, the owner and the General Manager are acting as the Human Resource Dept.. To give an example, I recently emailed the owner of the company I work for with a rebuttal regarding a misunderstanding. I also noted that I could not help but feel that this apparent issue, had something to do with my questioning other employees to see if they were being sexually/verbally abused. The response I received from the owner was that he did not want to discuss anything; that he just wanted to think positive and move forward.

    Thank you!
    Dave Arnold

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