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Why Bad Bosses Are Bad Decision-Makers

In a Harvard Business blog post, Babson College Professor Tom Davenport explains about a correlation between bad bosses and bad decision-making, and he provides examples from some of the largest business failures in recent history: A.I.G., Bear Stearns, and Lehman Brothers, all of which were controlled by well-known jerks who were never second-guessed or challenged by their subordinates. 

“So what are the mechanisms that translate being a jerk into being a poor decision-maker? Jerks tend to think their own perspectives are the only ones worth considering, but good decisions require serious consideration of alternatives. Jerks think they’re never wrong, but good decisions require acknowledging and learning from mistakes. Jerks are consumed with petty resentments and grievances, but good decisions require clear-headed, objective thinking. Jerks alienate other people, but good decisions require collaboration across a social network.”

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