Florida Keys Community College President Ousted from Job

Last month, eBossWatch reported that Florida Keys Community College President Jill Landesberg-Boyle was under investigation for having allegedly created a hostile workplace.

At a special Florida Keys Community College Board of Trustees meeting held last Monday, Landesberg-Boyle announced that she would no longer fight to keep her job.  She will take immediate leave until her contract expires in June 15, 2010, and she will keep her $157,000 annual salary and benefits, which includes a $3,000 monthly housing allowance.

There had been much speculation leading up to the Board of Trustees meeting that the trustees would fire Jill Landesberg-Boyle for what many college employees described as workplace bullying, her hostile management style, and their fears of retaliation if she remained in her position.

Source: Miami Herald

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7 responses to “Florida Keys Community College President Ousted from Job

  1. From what I was reading in the newspapers and online, I find the area of Keys to be a ‘good ole boy’s club’ that has been intimitated by someone who doesn’t want to follow the ‘outdated’ way of doing things. In order to get better, you have to look for change.

  2. She cursed, shouted and intimidated anyone who failed to tell her that her Emperess clothes were beautiful. If an employee tried to inform her that she was attempting to do something outside of the standing regulations, you were now her enemy and was targeted for firing or non renewal of your contract. She fired dozens of people who loved their job, did it right and wanted to lead students to success. Total nut case.

  3. She transformed Florida Keys Community College from an unrespected joke of a school into a nationally recognized Grant holding institution. With the help of a stellar team of new staff (professors and Deans) accompanied by first cass employees that remained through the transition into new leadership, Dr. Boyle played the difficult role of “Change Agent” as together they dynamically transformed the school into the fastest growing Community College in Florida. I had the great fortune of attending FKCC during this time and working in a Lab there. I have very much respect for Dr. Boyle and the difficult task she accomplished, and would recommend working for her to ANYONE who is not afraid of working in a dynamic environment. My experiences with her team are invaluable.
    Key West is a small town, with “Big Money” problems. When she recently tried to block an inappropriate proposal by the largest local developer from being submitted for a dormitory project at the College, they moved to place an underqualified associate on the Florida Board of Trustees in an effort to oust her. The latest bid proposal is a thinly veiled attempt to gain control of the schools coveted real estate, and it will be a terrible loss for the school.
    Dr. Jill Landesberg-Boyle has dutifully served the College and it’s Acedemic community, and the bitter attacks from opponents are a sad indicator of the state of life and society in Key West. I would gladly give my service to Dr. Boyle at any time, and hope her future holds a greater appreciation for the dedication and tough decision-making she is so capable of providing.

  4. The Keys have been a good ole boys club for a long time, but let’s face facts folks, just about every place on this planet runs on the Bubba system. At FKCC we were all hopeful that the change was for the good when Landesberg-Boyle was hired. Alas this was not to be. She turned out to be our worst nightmare. In all my years in academe I have never seen anything like her. Calling her a nut case is euphemistic. Her toxic rants were extremely unprofessional at best and she ran off anyone who DID want to contribute to the growth of the college. She was a bully and it was all connected her monumental ego. Getting rid of her will help FKCC become better in the long run.

  5. ProfessionalBee

    From what I heard, she was rough on employees. But, you’ve got to understand that most people in the keys are not used to working at the level she demanded. Also, one must realize that everyone, no matter how high up the ladder they are in a profession, are really learning as they go. Jill made some mistakes, but I truly believe she learned from them. I also think she moved the school forward, even with the great resistance she encountered.

    I echo the sentiment about this town being a good old boys network. What often happens down here is that an organization will bring in a non-local and tell them they are desperately needed to make a change in an organization. The organization will then give the new employee free reign to make this change, while all the time judging the new hire by a set of rules that no one told the new hire. If that new hire, who by now is knee deep in change and facing untold opposition, steps over the invisible line, or breaks an unwritten rule, then BAM! The whole island is a-buzz, and the person does not know who to trust. By this time, the new hire is often the first let go.

    One should not judge Dr. Boyle by what others say about her. She should be judged for the qualities that make her special: her quick mind, her ability to see the bigger picture, and her ability to stand firm in the face of opposition. One should look at the whole picture and weigh her qualifications against a corporation or institutions needs.

  6. She came. She did her job- very well at first- and then melted down when the critics came. Leaders have to able to take criticism, especially from their Bosses- the Board members. Nonetheless, she was dedicated and loved the college. It’s just that she STILL thinks that there was nothing she could have done differently to change and keep her job.

  7. It has NOTHING to do with a Bubba system or individuals not wanting to work hard. It has EVERYTHING to do with mental health issues and abusive behaviour that is not acceptable in anyone that has a position of leadership.

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