Daily Archives: September 30, 2009

Bank of New York Mellon Bosses Accused of Discrimination and Workplace Bullying

Paul Nathan, a former Bank of New York Mellon employee, has accused the bank and two of its bosses of discriminating against him because of his race and sexual orientation, and then of retaliating and firing him after he complained about the harassment. 

The two bosses accused of the workplace bullying are Charles Ferrari, a vice president, and Walter Gorski, a supervising assistant manager. 

The acts of racial and sexual harassment that Nathan apparently suffered included name-calling from a number of Bank of New York Mellon employees and derogatory comments about his sexual orientation.  In addition, one coworker allegedly threatened to sodomize Nathan with a stick.

Nathan said that he complained about the harassment to several members of upper management, but he claims that they did nothing to alleviate the hostile work environment.

Carlos Bellido, acting director for the New Jersey attorney general’s civil rights division, said Nathan’s allegations are “very disturbing.”

Source: NorthJersey.com

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Jet2.com CEO Berates Employees in Front of Customers

Philip Meeson, the CEO of Jet2.com, received a warning from Manchester Airport Police after publicly screaming at his own employees in front of hundreds of customers lined up at the airline’s check-in counter.

A Greater Manchester Police spokesman reported that airport police officers arrived to the scene after receiving reports that a man was being abusive to staff.

Meeson apparently went ballistic after feeling that his employees were not working hard enough to ease the long lines at the check-in counter.

Source: comparecarrentals.co.uk

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Taco Bell Franchisee Pays $35,000 to Settle Sexual Harassment Suit

Penn Taco Inc., a company that owns six Taco Bell restaurants in Pennsylvania, has agreed to pay $35,000 in order to settle a sexual harassment lawsuit that was filed against it by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

In addition, Penn Taco has agreed to revise its anti-discrimination and workplace bullying policies and to provide relevant training to its supervisors to prevent similar types of incidents from occurring. 

The EEOC has sued the Taco Bell franchisee after its general manager had allegedly subjected female employees at its restaurants in Lancaster and Hanover, PA to sexual harassment, making crude sexual overtures, comments, and gestures towards the women.

The lawsuit also claimed that Penn Taco management did not act to try to stop the abusive behavior after the victims had complained. 

Source: QSR Web

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