Bank of New York Mellon Bosses Accused of Discrimination and Workplace Bullying

Paul Nathan, a former Bank of New York Mellon employee, has accused the bank and two of its bosses of discriminating against him because of his race and sexual orientation, and then of retaliating and firing him after he complained about the harassment. 

The two bosses accused of the workplace bullying are Charles Ferrari, a vice president, and Walter Gorski, a supervising assistant manager. 

The acts of racial and sexual harassment that Nathan apparently suffered included name-calling from a number of Bank of New York Mellon employees and derogatory comments about his sexual orientation.  In addition, one coworker allegedly threatened to sodomize Nathan with a stick.

Nathan said that he complained about the harassment to several members of upper management, but he claims that they did nothing to alleviate the hostile work environment.

Carlos Bellido, acting director for the New Jersey attorney general’s civil rights division, said Nathan’s allegations are “very disturbing.”


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5 responses to “Bank of New York Mellon Bosses Accused of Discrimination and Workplace Bullying

  1. My friend was dismissed by BNY Mellon after reporting harassment by senior management to HR and senior managers, while the accused harasser was apparently elevated in stature. This sends a powerful message that other BNY Mellon employees who are threatened cannot speak out for fear of suffering the same fate. While encouraging employees to speak up/shine the light on wrongdoing, it’s clear that BNY Mellon executives only care about protecting the company from lawsuits, and not for health, safety and dignity of average employees.

  2. BNY Mellon only cares about MELLON..since they took over they fired most of the BNY employees…R KELLY is a beast. and he is out for the blood of ALL BNY employess. As for Charles Ferrari he has always been an ass….

  3. My husband was forced to retire from BNY Mellon recently after he put in retirement papers, but then later rescinded them. Management took “his desire to retire as a “resignation”. All this was because his staff was layed-off and their jobs transferred to Mellon/India. His job remained but the added responsibilities would make the work they wanted out of him unmanageable. He felt that this made for a hostile workplace and felt harrassed. They do not consider the fact that the job was moved to Puttsburgh to a likely younger and lower paid employee a job elimination and descrimination and therefore, he was not entitled to severence, unemployment, etc. He was given 1 hour to leave, with his last day 2 days later. This after 20 years. We have filed an age descrimination claim with of course the company has denied and wonder what our recourse is. Is this more of an EEOC

    • BNYMELLON worker

      Hey Yeah I am a younger pittsburgher…. They hire us at next to nothing and give us 1% raises. Then all of our managers are uneducated jerks that make nothing and have no clue whats going on.

  4. BNYM sucks peoples blood like a vampire. As an ex employee, the managers dont care about the employees but care much about their own pocket.

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