Workplace Bullies Cost Lowe’s $1.7 Million in EEOC Lawsuit

Lowe’s Home Improvement Warehouse, Inc. is paying $1.7 million to settle a sexual harassment and retailation lawsuit filed by the EEOC on behalf of former Longview, Washington Lowe’s employees Jeremiah Harrington, Chester Davison, and Amber Fasolino.

The three Lowe’s employees were subjected to a rampant sexually hostile work environment and were retaliated against when they complained about the workplace bullying.

The sexually hostile workplace, which continued for more than six months, included physical and verbal abuse by both male and female managers and coworkers that led in one instance to sexual assault.

Among the many allegations in the lawsuit, the EEOC said that Amber Fasolino, age 21 at the time, was sexually assaulted by her 44-year-old male store manager in his office after having been propositioned for sex by the manager.

EEOC claimed that Lowe’s not only failed to take prompt action to stop the sexual harassment, but also retaliated against them and fired the three victims.

Source: EEOC

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2 responses to “Workplace Bullies Cost Lowe’s $1.7 Million in EEOC Lawsuit

  1. Lowes allows Store Managers and HR personal to treat employees as they wish,if employees complain there is DIFFENETLY RETALIATION.Then RM just comments that it is just a disgruntled employee that does not lke changes. Wrong…that is their cover up.Just remember RETALIATION!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • In response to this individual’s posting, learn how to spell and gain some proper grammar if you want to speak out about your workplace, which I can only gather is Lowes. Question, if the place is horrible place to work, then why stay employed there. Leave. Quit. Go somewhere that meets your standards. If your situation was as serious as this one, you would have a case but it seems like if you are still employed there you are staying to cause something and you have nothing. If you have already quit, then good for you. If you haven’t, get over your sad, pathetic self, stop making your life miserable, and leave. Managers lives aren’t being affected by your unhappiness only yours is. Do something that will make you happy everyday, not mad everyday. Life is short and unfortunately many of us have to work, so do something you love. It’s hard to believe a major corporation would allow for retaliation, so look in the mirror and make sure it’s not you creating this viewpoint.

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