Is David Letterman a Toxic Boss?

The website mentioned the recent David Letterman controversy which has swept news headlines nationwide.  Letterman was the target of a $2 million blackmail scheme carried out by CBS 48 Hours producer John Halderman, who had threatened to publicize Letterman’s affairs with a number of his employees. 

Here’s the take on the David Letterman scandal: “We covered the dangers of even consensual boss/subordinate relationships a couple of weeks ago.  Besides being a morale buster, it opens employers up to the threat of lawsuits.  And frankly, I don’t buy the argument that every consensual boss/subordinate relationship is, well, consensual.  When the person who signs your paycheck tells you he wants to sleep with you, the balance shifts, and what would be an easy ‘hell no’ in any other circumstance becomes a little less cut and dry.”

Should bosses who have sex with their employees be considered toxic and unfit to continue managing their employees?

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2 responses to “Is David Letterman a Toxic Boss?

  1. A toxic boss spreads poison that infects all in contact. The ladies knew how to get special attention by becoming call girls for David Lecherman. His behavior was such a well kept “secret” of his many years and many women. CBS is to be commended for their immediate silence on Letterman’s lurid sexual fantasies about Palin’s daughter just past puberty, and their immediate investigation into women affected by sexual harassment. David will be on Alaska television soon hosting stupid grizzlie bear tricks on his own.

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