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Binghamton University Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Update

The five defendants being sued by Binghamton University employee Elizabeth Williams for sexual harassment requested that the case be moved from the Southern District Court of New York to the Northern District Court.

Last July, Williams filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Binghamton University, its Senior Associate Athletic Director Jason Siegel, its Assistant Athletic Director for Development Chris Lewis, and two alumni, Larry Hollander and Michael Marcus who were involved in fundraising activities on BU’s behalf.

In her lawsuit, Williams claimed that she “discovered that her new bosses viewed women as playthings and expected women in the department to raise money by exploiting their sexuality” shortly after beginning her fundraising position with the university athletic department in late 2008.

“The lawsuit alleges that at a fundraising dinner in New York City in January, alum Larry Hollander put $100 bills on the table and told Williams to stop him when there was enough in the pile for her to sleep with him. At another fundraising event, alum Michael Marcus allegedly asked Williams to perform as a topless waitress at a party he was organizing, suggesting it as a way for her to make some extra money.”

After Williams complained to senior BU managers, the university allegedly did not take any actions to punish the toxic behavior.  Furthermore, the lawsuit claims that the defendants “tried to sweep the matter under the rug and have engaged in an ongoing pattern of retaliation against” Williams. 

Source: Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin and Associated Press

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Hillary Clinton sued by employee for age discrimination

Elizabeth Colton, a 64-year-old Foreign Service Officer, has filed an age discrimination lawsuit against her boss, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

After being offered a position at the U.S. Embassy in Algiers, Algeria, Colton was shocked when she was informed by the State Department that her job offer was being rescinded because she was only one year away from the mandatory retirement age of 65.

Ironically, Clinton is only two years younger than Colton, but the State Department mandatory retirement rule does not apply to political appointees.  Colton’s lawyer commented, “Imagine if someone told Hillary Clinton she couldn’t be secretary of state because she would turn 65 before her term is up.”

Source: Washington Post

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