EEOC Sues Country Inn for Sexual Harassment

The EEOC has filed a sexual harassment and retaliation lawsuit against 5042 Holdings Ltd., doing business as The Country Inn at Berkeley Springs.  Two male employees allegedly subjected Candace Bland and other female Country Inn workers, including several teenagers, to ongoing and offensive sexual harassment during 2007 and 2008.

The EEOC lawsuit claims that the male employees repeatedly used offensive language and engaged in offensive and unwelcome touching of the women, including grabbing their breasts, slapping their buttocks, and kissing them.

After Bland and the other female employees complained to the owners of Country Inn at Berkeley Springs, Stjepan Sostaric and Nancy Sostaric, as well as to other managers, they did not take adequate measures to stop the harassment and hostile work environment.  Furthermore, after Bland filed a complaint with the EEOC, the work hours of the women who complained about the harassment were drastically reduced.

“It is unacceptable for an employer to punish employees who complain about sexual harassment by reducing their work hours and thereby reducing their income. Retaliation like this has a chilling effect on those who choose to exercise their federally protected rights and is blatantly illegal,” said EEOC Acting Regional Attorney Debra Lawrence.


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5 responses to “EEOC Sues Country Inn for Sexual Harassment


  2. I worked there years ago and now it seems to be run by idiots!

  3. I was the Tavern Manager when this happened in 2007. I told the owner as she sat back in her chair and looked at me and said……”Women have to learn to be Tuff and Stand Up for Them Selves”. She said I want them to write down what happened. One of the girls was 15! I finally gave her some written letters from a couple of the girls being harrased. It seemed like I was the only manager that cared about what was going on. The girls went to the sales manager (Ginger Martz), and the dinning room manager( Alice White) at the time and they told them to try to stay out of the kitchen if all possible. 😦

  4. About time someone stands up in this town! But daddy’s money will bail one of the defendants out for sure!!

  5. Country Inn to be sold on courthouse steps
    June 22, 2012
    Community News
    The Country Inn will be sold at public auction in a foreclosure sale on Tuesday, July 17, at 2 p.m. on the front steps of the Morgan County Courthouse.

    In a June 12 letter, Attorney Michael L. Scales of Martinsburg announced that he is the appointed substitute trustee for CNB Bank, Inc. which is exercising its right to foreclose on the Berkeley Springs hotel.

    The letter was sent to lien holders, including the Bath Town Council, the State Tax Department, federal tax officials and those owed money due to court judgments against the Inn and its owners.

    The Inn’s financial woes have been mounting over the past several years. Recorded liens and judgments against the Inn totaled more than $4.4 million in early April.

    The largest debts involve a $2.5 million deed of trust from October 2006, the subject of the foreclosure by CNB, plus two liens totaling $500,000 for deeds of trust for property on Fairfax Street also owned by inn owners Nancy and Stjepan Sostaric.

    Among the other assorted liens are more than $360,000 for federal taxes, more than $260,000 for state taxes and more than $150,000 in court judgments against the Sostarics and 5042 Holdings Limited.

    Some of the court orders hold the Sostarics personally responsible for the judgments, not simply The

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