Daily Archives: November 3, 2009

Sexual harassment lawsuit filed against California Pizza Kitchen

California Pizza Kitchen has been sued by a former employee at its Palo Alto restaurant who claims she was subjected to sexual harassment and abusive behavior by her supervisor, Andy Lee, then retaliated against when she complained to management.

The lawsuit states that Lee had informed the plaintiff that he had prior sexual harassment complaints filed against him.  Lee allegedly began harassing the employee almost immediately after she was hired, and California Pizza Kitchen failed to stop the workplace bullying when company managers were informed about Lee’s abusive behavior. 

Instead, the lawsuit claims that the victim was illegally retaliated against by CPK, and she was targeted for wrongful termination.

“It’s outrageous that California Pizza Kitchen would not take sexual harassment complaints by its female employees seriously, especially when the harasser is a manager and multiple witnesses confirm the sexual harassment.” said the plaintiff’s lawyer, Kelly Armstrong. “This tells me that either California Pizza Kitchen does not care about protecting its employees or is unfamiliar with sexual harassment law.”


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