Daily Archives: November 5, 2009

Louisville Animal Services director sued for sexual harassment and retaliation

Dawn Simpson, a former animal-care manager at the Louisville Metro Animal Services Center, has filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Animal Services Director Gilles Meloche for creating a “toxic, intolerable and hostile work environment” from which “she had no choice but to resign.”

Meloche’s assistant, Wayne Zelinsky, was also named in the suit for retaliating against Simpson after she filed the sexual harassment complaint.  Simpson’s requests for time off were then allegedly ignored, she was unfairly disciplined, and she had duties and responsibilities taken away.

Simpson’s lawsuit claims that Meloche’s harassment started three days after she started working for the department.  She says Meloche repeatedly touched her stomach and lower back in a “sexually suggestive/flirting manner.”

After Simpson complained about the harassment to Zelinsky, he allegedly took no action other than telling her that Meloche “doesn’t understand the concept of personal space.”


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