Confessions of a bad boss

In his latest column, Scott Smith recalls a period during the 1980s in which he behaved like a workplace bully and was, as he describes himself, “an arrogant, self-centered, immature jerk.”  Smith, who is the Lifestyle Editor at Colorado’s The Pueblo Chieftain newspaper, has publicly admitted being a bad boss in order to thank a close friend and colleague who gave Smith a “verbal wake-up call” and helped him acknowledge his abusive behavior.

Smith, writing in the third person, describes one of his workplace tirades:

“He whined about decisions that he deemed incorrect or flat-out stupid. He was intolerant of others’ deficiencies, be they real or imagined. He second-guessed his boss, but never to his face. He was sure he could do everyone’s job better than they could. He spewed venom and perfected the nuances of passive-aggressive behavior. He created chaos where none was needed. One day, he was pontificating to a co-worker about everything that was wrong in the department, the newsroom and the newspaper in general. His words were vitriolic, his attitude predictably self-righteous.”

We commend Smith for the courage that he has exhibited in publicly acknowledging that he is a recovering workplace bully who is now trying to be a better person by “focusing more on building than on destroying.  More kindness and compassion, tolerance and forgiveness, empathy and love.”

Click here to read Smith’s entire column.

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