EEOC sues Jack in the Box California franchisee for sexual harassment

Kobra Associates Inc., a Jack in the Box franchisee which owns about 70 restaurants in Northern and Central California, was sued by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission for failing to take corrective action to stop a manager from sexually harassing his female employees.

Richard Bartels, the manager of the Jack in the Box restaurant in Paradise, California, was named in the EEOC lawsuit.  Bartels allegedly created a hostile work environment and subjected female workers under his supervision to unwelcome sexual advances and frequent remarks about their anatomy.

Though the female employees repeatedly complained about the sexual harassment through multiple avenues, including leaving messages with Jack in the Box’s ethics hotline, the lawsuit alleges that the company did not act to stop Bartels’ abusive behavior, which continued for more than one year.


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One response to “EEOC sues Jack in the Box California franchisee for sexual harassment

  1. I am currently employed with Jack in the Box as a Team Leader, since our opening July 9, 2012, I have worked in only two areas, the grill and fryers. Don’t forget now that I said that I am a Team Leader, we had ten when we open. Because I did not agree to be transferred to another store, and being given work schedules that makes it hard for me to get to work or home after work. For the last four weeks, I have been subjected to all kinds of harassment, form the managers, Fellow Team Leaders, Team Members, and the area Coach.
    The harassing behavior goes all out, but the latest one just makes m sick, when I reported to work I did my POM as trained. This position of management tool makes sure everything is checked in that store before you began your shift. The most critical checks are the food timers, that are suppose to ensure, food safety and food quality control.
    I got to work Friday morning to learn that I had been assigned to assembly, of cause if business is slow, the Team Leaders are expected to step in and do the work. Upon check the bread, there were five to six loaves that was stocked on the line and being used to make sandwiches that had already expired.
    They had either set that up for when I was suppose to take over assembly, this would be cause for a write up or termination. I caught it, verified that the bread was indeed spoiled, documented it, then destroyed the bread. I am so sick that I get physically sick when it comes time to go to work.

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