Tulalip Resort Casino employees rate their boss Dennis Rowlands on eBossWatch

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See how Tulalip Casino Resort employees rate their boss Dennis Rowlands on eBossWatch.

One response to “Tulalip Resort Casino employees rate their boss Dennis Rowlands on eBossWatch

  1. dennis rowlands & billy cuellar were my supervisor & manager @ tulalip casino. I have a lot of documentation of dishonesty, harassment & hostility from both of them. I had 2 nails put in my tire in the employee parking lot on a stormy night in which I hydroplaned all the way home & could have had an accident. I call that a threat. Cuellar told the bartenders to put my tickets last, interfering with my job performance. Management edited my time-card twice to get me written up for being 2 hours late. My file was padded w/o my knowledge. Cuellar defamed my character to the asst. director in an e-mail, which I have. Cuellar perjured himself BIG in my appeal hearing. There’s much more…Tulalip is a tribal casino where mostly non-tribal management hides behind the veil of sovereign immunity to act as they please, just yards away from WA. State land where it’s against the law. My name is BRENDA GARD, former server at Mpulse Lounge in the casino. It all started due to jealousy from the bartenders, because I was new & became VERY popular w/ the customers. Besides documentation, I have many witnesses. I am proud to put my name on this. BRENDA GARD, BRENDA GARD, BRENDA GARD WROTE THIS & I am honest and conscientious unlike my former co-workers. I’d go head to head w/ any of them, in court, because lies are hard to remember and the TRUTH is easy.

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