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The EEOC sues M. Slavin & Sons fish market for ‘horrendous’ male on male sexual harassment


M. Slavin & Sons

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed a lawsuit against M. Slavin & Sons, a fish market and retailer based in Brooklyn, for creating a hostile work environment for black male employees that included physical and verbal sexual harassment. 

In addition, the EEOC accused bosses at M. Slavin & Sons of making obscene and racist comments towards employees that included company owner Mitchell Slavin telling a black employee to “Go get it, n—-r.”  The complaint states that another manager called an employee “African bastard” and said, “Let me see you run like you are in Africa.”

The shocking male on male sexual harassment allegations accuse Barry Slavin, Jack Slavin, and Julio Pereira of “regularly grabbing or pinching male employees’ buttocks and pushing their penises against employees’ buttocks.”  Chuck Clayton, another boss at M. Slavin, is accused of “frequently jabbing fish hooks into male employees’ buttocks.”

The lawsuit alleges that a number of employees left their positions because of the harassment and that the man who originally complained faced retaliation.

Sunu P. Chandy, an attorney in the EEOC’s New York office, said, “The stunning facts of this case remind us of an ugly time in our nation’s history.  The actions of these white owners, who subjected particularly men of color to horrendous physical sexual harassment and racial comments, must be challenged.  When the employees said that they would fight back against the abuse, the owners consistently told them that no one would listen to their complaints and that no one would believe them.  This suit shows the owners were wrong.”


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Male employee details how he was sexually harassed by his male boss

Steven Erickson, a former employee at Mark’s Motors Inc in Brattleboro, Vermont has given detailed allegations on his blog of the male on male sexual harassment that his former boss, Mark Lanoue, inflicted on him. 

Erickson writes that he is “looking to sue Mark Lanoue for $250,000 for wages garnished, withheld, and/or stolen without my permission, for damages, for male on male sexual harassment, and for the hostile working environment.”

In his blog, which also contains videos and pictures that he recorded to prove his allegations, Erickson gives the following graphic and disturbing account of some of the abuse that he allegedly endured at Mark’s Motors:

“Mark Lanoue has grabbed my buttocks…and had even tried to grab my genitals in front of other Marks Motors Inc employees. There probably isn’t a male, or female, Marks Motors employee or salesperson who either hasn’t been spoken to inappropriately, or has not been groped or otherwise abused witnessed the mostly male on male sexual harrasment.”

We commend Steven Erickson for his courage to openly and publicly discuss the workplace bullying that he experienced.


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