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Toxic boss ‘brought prostitutes to business meetings’

A former employee accused UK-based Nomos Capital owner, Mark Lowe, of sex discrimination and creating a hostile work environment by telling inappropriate, sexist jokes to employees and by frequently bringing prostitutes to business meetings.

Mark Lowe

Mark Lowe


Jordan Wimmer, 29, is suing Lowe for £4 million at a London employment tribunal for firing her from her £500,000 a year job as a marketing executive after having subjected her to ongoing sexual harassment.

Wimmer testified that Lowe, who is estimated to be worth £103 million, brought an Asian escort named Ling to investor and distribution meetings in Hong Kong in October 2005.  Wimmer said, “In spite of everyone else wearing formal business attire on these occasions Ling wore designer hot pants which barely covered her buttocks, stilettos and no stockings… which was very inappropriate.”  Lowe also allegedly brought a Russian escort to business meetings in London, Paris and Geneva.

On the Paris trip, Wimmer told the tribunal that Lowe took Ms Wimmer and a female colleague to two topless clubs during their Paris trip, where Lowe suggested that they get their own “private lap dance.”

Wimmer also alleged that Lowe repeatedly told sexist jokes to employees and that he referred to Wimmer as a “bimbo” and “stupid blonde” on a number of occasions.


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