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Mercedes dealership ex-employee alleges racial harassment

Garland Latta, 41, who is black, filed a lawsuit against Mercedes-Benz of Anaheim after he was subjected to workplace bullying on the part of his coworkers and managers.  Latta began working at the dealership in November 2008, and he alleges that the first incident of racial harassment occurred one month later.

According to the lawsuit, Latta was called a “monkey” and was told, “You eat like a (n-word).”  Despite the fact that Latta complained to managers about the harassment and hostile work environment, they refused to discipline the employees who bullied Latta.  In one instance, a manager responded by telling Latta, “You brought this on yourself.  Should everyone watch what they say around you?”


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Hilton Chef Sued for Workplace Bullying

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed a hostile workplace lawsuit against the Hilton Lisle/Naperville Hotel.  The EEOC claims that the hotel’s executive chef bullied Hispanic employees, calling them derogatory names such as “wetbacks, f—— Mexicans and stupid Mexicans.”

Though the EEOC declined to name the executive chef, the Hilton Lisle/Naperville hotel website lists Nick Landeweer as the executive chef of the hotel’s Allgauer’s Restaurant.

The EEOC is seeking monetary damages of up to $300,000 per victim, an injunction preventing any further workplace bullying, and staff training to prevent future harassment.

“We completely deny these outrageous and completely false allegations,” said Hilton General Manager Richard Brink.

Source: Chicago Sun Times

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Hedge Against a Toxic Boss – Tips and Tricks

A guest post from an eBossWatch user:

After having worked with numerous toxic bosses in my career, I have developed some methods to hedge against a toxic boss

Anytime I take a new job, I believe you need about 9 months to see what kind of environment and culture you have joined.  An interviewer/employer/toxic boss can be amiable in an interview just like being on a first date and they will show their best and hide any toxic behavior until they become comfortable.  You need some time for them to drop their guard. 

Here is the scenario – you have been job hunting for some time and probably have made many contacts and sent out plenty of resumes.  Well, not every company will respond to you and some respond at different times. 

If you end up taking a job for the sake of being able to pay the bills, do so, but DO NOT announce where you have gone to anyone except for people you can trust.  Do not let recruiters know where you are interviewing – they do not always keep things quiet and will bring up things to you from 8 years prior.  One even insisted I list my current job in which I was there for only 3 days.  You are better off having a gap in your resume than a short employment stint. 

DO NOT make announcements on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter and so on.  If you take the job and find out it is not a fit, and leave or are fired – you will add the burden of explaining a short stint on your resume for the next number of years.  People may question your performance or feel you have poor judgment.  What if your dream employer calls you a couple of months after you start?  It will not bode well for you – so keep a lid on it

Next thing one should do is never stop looking for a job and continue networking.  If you are constantly out there and if your new boss turns out to be toxic, you can bail out a lot easier since you have momentum.  I had one experience where a new co-worker said to me, you are the 5th person that has been in your position during the last year. 

There is no reason to bring up bad experiences to a future employer.  Even if the future employer suspects the gap on your resume was a bad employment stint, they will respect you for being professional and pretending it never happened.  Would you hire a complainer that cannot let go or someone that knows how to move on without incident? 

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Talbert Builders Settles Hostile Workplace Lawsuit

After being sued by the EEOC, for creating a racially hostile workplace, Durham, North Carolina-based llumber and hardware retailer Talbert Builders has agreed to settle the race discrimination suit for $80,000.

The original complaint was filed by employee James McCombs, who claimed co-workers and supervisors repeatedly told racist jokes, using racial slurs and evoking derogatory stereotypes about blacks.

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Racist Boss Costs Marjam $500K

Marjam Supply Company, which runs a chain of 15 building materials stores, agreed to pay $495,000 in back pay and compensatory damages to five former employees in order to settle a race discrimination suit that was filed by the EEOC.

A Marjam toxic supervisor and several other coworkers subjected the five African American employees to a hostile work environment, repeatedly calling one of the workers the N-word, discussing the Ku Klux Klan, and talking about burning crosses in front of the African American employees.  One of the employees was fired for complaining about the abusive behavior.


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