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Ex-WCSX radio DJ files lawsuit for being sexually harassed by her co-host

Lynne Woodison Lyman, the former co-host of the “JJ and Lynne” morning show on WCSX-FM (94.7), filed a federal lawsuit against the radio station’s owners Tuesday, alleging she was subjected to sexual harassment by her co-host James Johnson and retaliation when she complained about the harassment and the fact Johnson was paid more than her.

The lawsuit alleges that Lyman was surrounded by an unlawful hostile work environment where Johnson would show her “nude photographs on his computer screen on a daily basis and would harass her with derogatory terms and sexual references while they were broadcasting on the air.”

The lawsuit states that “Mr. Johnson was also threatened with a lawsuit for his inappropriate behavior in grabbing a female employee at a Greektown Casino event in or about 2003, for which he was never disciplined.”

Lyman claims that, even though she received better performance appraisals while Johnson “was regularly given warnings, negative write-ups, and negative reviews,” he received an annual bonus of about $24,000 that Lyman did not receive.

After Lyman complained about Johnson’s workplace bullying, Lyman alleges that WCSX managers called her a “b—-.”   WCSX station owner Greater Media Inc., also known as Greater Boston Radio Inc., is named as the defendant in the lawsuit.


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