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Hedge Against a Toxic Boss – Tips and Tricks

A guest post from an eBossWatch user:

After having worked with numerous toxic bosses in my career, I have developed some methods to hedge against a toxic boss

Anytime I take a new job, I believe you need about 9 months to see what kind of environment and culture you have joined.  An interviewer/employer/toxic boss can be amiable in an interview just like being on a first date and they will show their best and hide any toxic behavior until they become comfortable.  You need some time for them to drop their guard. 

Here is the scenario – you have been job hunting for some time and probably have made many contacts and sent out plenty of resumes.  Well, not every company will respond to you and some respond at different times. 

If you end up taking a job for the sake of being able to pay the bills, do so, but DO NOT announce where you have gone to anyone except for people you can trust.  Do not let recruiters know where you are interviewing – they do not always keep things quiet and will bring up things to you from 8 years prior.  One even insisted I list my current job in which I was there for only 3 days.  You are better off having a gap in your resume than a short employment stint. 

DO NOT make announcements on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter and so on.  If you take the job and find out it is not a fit, and leave or are fired – you will add the burden of explaining a short stint on your resume for the next number of years.  People may question your performance or feel you have poor judgment.  What if your dream employer calls you a couple of months after you start?  It will not bode well for you – so keep a lid on it

Next thing one should do is never stop looking for a job and continue networking.  If you are constantly out there and if your new boss turns out to be toxic, you can bail out a lot easier since you have momentum.  I had one experience where a new co-worker said to me, you are the 5th person that has been in your position during the last year. 

There is no reason to bring up bad experiences to a future employer.  Even if the future employer suspects the gap on your resume was a bad employment stint, they will respect you for being professional and pretending it never happened.  Would you hire a complainer that cannot let go or someone that knows how to move on without incident? 

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“Psychopath Boss” Exposed

The Provocateur blog has exposed, in great detail, a bully boss who has allegedly built her career on abusing and terrorizing her employees during the past two decades. 
Dr. Anna Chacko has been the head of radiology at the VA hospital in Pittsburgh since October 2008. “Almost immediately following her arrival there, folks at the VA began complaining about her behavior. She bullied people, she lied about people, and she created an environment of terror.”
The Provocateur claims that Chacko is a ‘psychopath boss’ who “targets those that won’t go along with her. She lies about them. She terrorizes them, until they quit or get fired. She turns the workplace into a state of horror and chaos. It’s the same thing at every place.”
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Tracy City Boss Sued for Workplace Bullying

Two former Tracy city employees filed a hostile workplace lawsuit against HR Director Maria Olvera for using “obscenities and loud and abusive language” with city employees.  The employees claim that Olvera didn’t follow organizational policies to create a nonthreatening work environment.

“Instead, by her conduct she created an intolerably hostile work environment for plaintiffs and others in Tracy’s (human resources) department, with spill over to other Tracy City departments and impact to the general public as well,” the suit says. “Plaintiffs both confronted Olvera and complained to others regarding Olvera’s outrageous and inappropriate conduct. Plaintiffs both, as a result, lost their jobs with the City of Tracy.”

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How to Stop a Bully Boss

Executive coach and author Peggy Klaus lists 8 helpful tips for stopping a bully boss:

1. Identify the workplace jerk.  Not all demanding managers behave like bullies.
2. Don’t report a bully boss to their supervisor.  Most managers are aware of the abusive behavior of their subordinates, and Klas explains that this is usually the quickest way to get yourself fired.
3. Confront your bully boss, in a calm and professional manner, as soon as you recognize a pattern of hostility.  Explain that you will not tolerate abusive behavior. 

Click here to read more about the other five strategies for dealing with a bully boss.


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Top 10 Bad Boss Warning Signs

Many people have had the unfortunate experience of working for a bad boss.  Besides job search resources like eBossWatch, there are clues that job seekers can learn to pick up on to help spot the toxic bosses before it’s too late.

The Monster.com blog has put together 10 warning signs of a toxic boss. The list includes signs such as disrespectful behavior and defensive body language.  Ignore these signs during the job interview, and you might find yourself in a hostile work environment

Click here for all ten toxic boss warning signs.


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College President Jill Landesberg-Boyle allegedly created a hostile work environment

Numerous college administrators and faculty members complained to the Florida Keys Community College Board of Trustees that college President Jill Landesberg-Boyle has created a hostile work environment.

The allegations of workplace bullying arose at a Board of Trustees meeting that was investgating an overstating of the full time enrollment figures that the enrollment director had previously submitted.

Plans are being made for a meeting later this month for employees to publicly air their grievances in front of the board.

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Hollywood’s Top 10 Worst Bosses

The website Spike.com listed its “top 10 worst movie bosses.”  Check out the funny pictures and clips of memorable scenes from these movies. 

10. Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada
9. John Milton from The Devil’s Advocate
8. Gordon Gekko
7. Katharine Parker from Working Girl
6. Ronny Cox from Robocop
5. Bruce Wayne
4. Blake from Glengarry Glen Ross
3. Michael Corleone
2. Bill Lumbergh from Office Space
1. Darth Vader

Can you think of any additional toxic movie bosses?  How does your boss compare to these infamous bosses?


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