Monthly Archives: June 2009

Tulsa company commits to ‘jerk-free’ workplace

Road Science, a leading technology company for the road paving industry, has announced that it is partnering with The People Group to establish a bully-free work environment.

The People Group is a Tulsa consulting firm specializing in positive people practices.  Kevin Kennemer, founder and partner of The People Group, will be providing positive people practice strategies to Road Science to help attract and retain the best talent through innovative compensation and benefits, as well as a revolutionary, healthy and attractive work environment.

Brian Majeska, Chief Operating Officer at Road Science, commented, “Any success we achieve in the future will be based on the environment we are creating today; an ethical environment of trust, belief, collaboration and innovation.”

Workplace bullying: not only a US problem

Studies in various countries have shown that toxic workplaces are not just a problem in the United States.  Offices worldwide appear to be breeding grounds for hostile behavior. 

A recent survey in Spain found that 14% of employees have suffered bullying at work, 47% of whom were bullied by their bosses.

Bad workplace behavior appears to be even more prevalent in other countries.  Close to two thirds of Australians say that they have been victims of bullying on the job, and in a survey conducted in 2006, 81% of British employees reported to have worked at toxic places.