eBossWatch was launched by Asher Adelman in 2007 to help people avoid toxic workplaces. Because it is very difficult during the job interview process to discover the true environment at a potential employer and the true nature of a potential manager, eBossWatch is a critical resource for people who are considering a career change.

eBossWatch enables people to anonymously rate their current or former bosses using a respectable and focused evaluation form so that job-seekers can better evaluate prospective employers. 

Asher also established GreatPlaceJobs in 2008 to help job seekers find jobs at award-winning great workplaces.  Asher has been featured in ABC News, Forbes, TheStreet.com, The Chicago Tribune, The Orange County Register and the New York Post.  Asher can be reached at asher@ebosswatch.com.

eBossWatch in the News

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Tom Cable on bad boss list
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 California No. 1 in having bad bosses
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Tracy HR Head On ‘Worst Bosses’ List
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Online Ratings for Bosses


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Boss Relationships
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Who’s Interviewing Who?

Web tool lets you name and rate your boss
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  1. Thanks to all at ebosswatch. Up until the past year or two, there were very few websites in the United States dedicated to the phenomenon of workplace bullying and mobbing. When I first became a target of a bully and her little mob, over five years ago, most of the information on the Internet about this topic, were from websites in the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. After researching the topic extensively and interacting with other targets, I started my own website – http://antibullyingcrusador.wordpress.com/
    It’s my hope that the day will come, when all working Americans will know enough about this problem – To recognize it, Name it, and End Workplace Bullying and Mobbing Together!
    Keep up the good work!
    ABC – AntiBullyingCrusador

    • I had to endure endless harassment, bloody used feminine products in my coffee mug. (yes used products do smell.) Desk knocked over, work smashed. Name defamed on my desk. Told I would never get promoted, computer magnetic tapes pulled over the light fixtures or stretched out on the floor. Life threatened. Walk way blocked so I could not file a complaint with the provost.

      I am a Veteran. I served with pride. In the Army – I was denied exams for Warrant Officer. I contacted every government agency supposed to help the “Vet” Not one would help me.
      I contacted the American Legion. I spoke to a Mr. Mark Walker. I asked, Mr. Walker and The American Legion to assist me. They refused. What good is an organization to help the vet when the veteran, when in time of need – The American Legion refuses! I contacted every state agency that has “Veteran” in the title. No one will help.

      The State of PA has many offices to help and assist the veteran. What good are they?
      I have lists of people that in my mind should be fired.

      I contacted:

      The White House
      President of The United States
      Barack H. Obama
      1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
      Washington, DC 20500

      Eric K. Shinseki
      Secretary of Veterans Affairs
      Department of Veterans Affairs
      Washington, DC 20420-0000
      Only to be ignored.

      I contacted dozens of federal organizations. No answer or I felt a brush off.

      They did however suggest The Office of Special Council. Mr. Walker gave me the name of a person that looked at my case and stated – my case comes under “Prohibited Personnel Practices. My case comes under “Whistle Blowing, Discrimination, plus a lot more.

      I am trying to find a lawyer to take this case on a “Contingency fee Basis” or “Pro Bono.”

      I was warned up front not to get in a hire fee situation. I was told the government can drag out the case in an effort to wear down.

      My union told me to “Walk away, don’t pay your union dues. I was to professional.”

      I have several statements that I have written that explain my story in greater detail. I would like to find someone to help me reword, put together, and make one big statement.

      Everything I mentioned is my opinion and belief.

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