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Workplace Bullying at WIP Radio Station?

John Gonzalez, a columnist at the Philadelphia Inquirer, wrote about a recent incident at the Philadelphia Eagles locker room, where WIP’s radio talk show host Howard Eskin screamed at Gonzalez in front of the players and other reporters.

Gonzales then shed some light about the seemingly hostile work environment that Howard Eskin propagates: “According to station sources, Hugh Douglas and Brian Mitchell were approached about joining Eskin. From what I was told, both turned down the offer because they weren’t sure they’d be able to tolerate Eskin’s sometimes-abrasive personality. I wonder how long Ike Reese will put up with it.”

Source: The Philadelphia Inquirer

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‘Top Chef’ Fabio Viviani Sues Old ‘Jerk’ Boss at Cafe Firenze

Fabio Viviani, winner of the ‘Top Chef’ reality show, filed a lawsuit against his former boss at the Cafe Firenze restaurant, Michael Takeda, who allegedly promised Viviani $4,000 a month and a 15% ownership stake in Cafe Firenze.

According to the lawsuit, the business at the restaurant skyrocketed to close $4 million per year thanks to the celebrity chef’s affiliation with Cafe Firenze.  Instead of compensating Viviani according to their agreement, Michael Takeda fired his ‘top chef.’

Source: TMZ

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What to do when a former boss lies during a reference check

A job seeker submitted a question to a Q&A forum on Lawyers.com.  She was offered a job, conditional on receiving positive references from her past bosses. 

But when the new employer checked with the job seeker’s previous employers, her last boss lied and said that she stole some items and had attendance issues. 

Click here for the entire post. 

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